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Waatsu, Kitahiroshima industrial park

Also, it approaches Hokkaido Expressway Kitahiroshima IC and Waatsu IC, and, located at the west district of Kitahiroshima City, there is in geographical condition close to Route 36 that is main highways of Central Hokkaido area, prefectural road Nibetsu Omagari Line (authority of Hitsujigaoka) in comfortable district.

Use of land of this district locates block, image place to be able to make use of function in as industrial site, and, as for the scale, advance of not only large-scale division but also SME sets possible erven.

Furthermore, in Route 36 roadside, construction such as small commercial facilities which are available to employee and people of neighborhood routinely assumes use of possible land, and restricted zone sets industrial zone.

Transportation guide

Figure of traffic access

Division figure

 Waatsu industrial park division figure

List of purchase companies

A block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
3,917.32 square meter 1, 184.98 tsubo Matsuo Metal
(Matsuo Jingisukan)
3,917.75 square meter 1, 185.11 tsubo
3,955.45 square meter 1, 196.52 tsubo

B block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
3,289.27 square meter 995.00 tsubo Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.
6,445.05 square meter 1, 949.62 tsubo Nippon Konpo Unyu Soko Co.,Ltd.
5,470.31 square meter 1, 654.76 tsubo
B-4 5,345.53 square meter 1, 617.02 tsubo
B-5 5,198.09 square meter 1, 572.42 tsubo
B-6 6,127.99 square meter 1, 853.71 tsubo

C block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
15,622.66 square meter 4, 725.85 tsubo Honda parts sale
14,129.98 square meter 4, 274.31 tsubo Daiwa House Industry
15,674.99 square meter 4, 741.68 tsubo
C-4 22,013.92 square meter 6, 659.21 tsubo
C-5 22,052.58 square meter 6, 670.90 tsubo Kato Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

D block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
3,407.75 square meter 1, 030.84 tsubo Taguchi create
3,432.74 square meter 1, 038.40 tsubo Sales contract finished
3,432.74 square meter 1, 038.40 tsubo Under business talk
D-4 3,434.39 square meter 1, 038.90 tsubo Under business talk
D-5 3,927.43 square meter 1, 188.04 tsubo North Britain electrical industry
D-6 4,590.16 square meter 1, 388.52 tsubo Hokuryo
D-7 1,695.88 square meter 513.00 tsubo Unisys
D-8 1,711.83 square meter 517.82 tsubo
D-9 1,711.83 square meter 517.82 tsubo Hokuryo
D-10 1,731.15 square meter 523.67 tsubo
D-11 1,611.60 square meter 487.50 tsubo Day north auto industry

E block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
9,792.63 square meter 2, 962.27 tsubo Hokkaido Ken Kawasaki plane

F block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
49,641.00 square meter 15, 016.40 tsubo Daiwa House Industry
17,190.34 square meter 5, 200.07 tsubo Nakakita Yakuhin
13,875.58 square meter 4, 197.36 tsubo
F-4 12,947.08 square meter 3, 916.49 tsubo

G block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
29,073.81 square meter 8, 794.82 tsubo Daiwa House Industry
26,150.11 square meter 7, 910.40 tsubo
17,747.85 square meter 5, 368.72 tsubo Asset two identification purpose company

H block
Number Area (square meter) Area (tsubo) The purchase company
20,589.77 square meter 6, 228.40 tsubo Daiwa House Industry
27,433.43 square meter 8, 298.61 tsubo

Sale in lots summary

Article summary
The location Waatsu, Kitahiroshima-shi
Development area 60.9ha
Sale in lots area 38.8ha
Restricted zone Industrial zone (the second kind particularly industrial district)
Road Authority of Route 36, Hitsujigaoka roadside,
It is about 2km to about 3km, Waatsu smart IC to Kitahiroshima IC
Railroad It is about 9km to JR Chitose Line Kita-Hiroshima Station
Airport It is about 23km to New Chitose Airport
Water Waterworks (as for the groundwater, available)
Sewer Public sewer (filthy water pipe, storm drain)
Electricity It is supplied by Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.
Communication Light
Others ・We lead residential area in adjoining land
Aviation shooting video
The ground information reading system
Aerial photograph
Figure of Waatsu, Kitahiroshima industrial park plan


Waatsu, Kitahiroshima industrial park development projects caught admission and city planning decision in urbanization promotion area in 2010 and designed the site acquisition and conduct in the same year.
About creation construction, we started from July, 2011, and all residential land was completed in December, 2014.
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