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We build moving, house

Information of living

Various Verification
    Family register
    Change (notification of transfer of family register) of permanent address
House and Moving
To Child Care generation house purchase support grant applied for in advance
Earthquake-resistant diagnosis, repair assistance of wooden house
List of housing measures
Municipal house
About instruction summary about building of middle-high-rise building
About certification application about the building energy saving method
About long-term excellent housing
Announcement of report (imposition) of conduct and diagnosis result of earthquake-resistant diagnosis
About certification application of low-carbon building
About building certification application
Public lease housing
Moving to another house of elderly person helping
Move in (moving-in notification) to city
Transference (notice of the change of address) from city
Change of abode (notice of the address change) in the city
Change (Households merger, Households separation, householder change, Households notification of change) of family constitution
    Consultation about house
    Housing construction fund
        When we have new construction, extension and/or alteration of building
        Restricted zone
        City planning
        About architecture restrictions in designated urbanization areas
    Empty house measures
    Kitahiroshima City empty houses the dismantling subsidy (the end of the receptionist)
    Kitahiroshima City reuse housing utilization support subsidy (the end of the receptionist)
    We change our home and support
    Change the home; support seminar
    Empty house conference
    Change the home; support bus tour
Water and Sewage
    Procedure and inspection of a meter such as moving
    Beginning to use, cancellation, name change
    All of the companies is this
    Style of sewer various applications
Health and Medical Care
    New coronavirus relations
        To all of you filed for about tax, rate, move in appearance
        About notification period extension of moving-in notification accompanied with extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease
        About the handling of transference (notice of the change of address) accompanied with extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease

City hall guidance

City Planning
    Use of land relations
    Restricted zone
UIJ turn new employment support project

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