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Information of living

Child Care
Kitahiroshima City Child Care site
    News (Child Care relations)
    Kitahiroshima City child meeting 2020
Health and Medical Care
    New coronavirus relations
        To citizen's all of you (support, payment)
        Benefit special in single-parent Households temporariness
        Kitahiroshima City newborn baby temporariness Supplementary Income Payment
At such time?
    Download of Applications
    Family support center

City hall guidance

Administrative Reference Room
    Various plans of city
    Kitahiroshima City next generation upbringing support identification business owner action plan
    Local declining birthrate measures reinforcement business operation plan
Public Information of Kitahiroshima
"Kitahiro native" photograph offer

Eastern elementary school

Activity of child
Environmental maintenance of PTA autumn

Kitahiroshima City Child Care site

Growth and disease of child
    If baby is born
    About baby botsurinusu symptom
    Health, the development of child
    About fluorine application of August
    Free consultation counter which is specialized in the pediatrics, the obstetrics and gynecology department
    2020 infants medical examination
Support system, medical treatment
    Business to support Child Care
    Benefit special in single-parent Households temporariness
    Temporarily special benefit to 2020 Child Care Households
    Temporary custody
    Child emergency support network business
    About temporary custody of child-care facility
    "Temporary custody guide of child" downloading
    Twilight stay business (business such as night nursing)
    Short stay business (short-term entrance life support project)
    Family support center
    Various medical treatments
    About report of 2020 Child Rearing Allowance present situation
    About report of 2020 children's allowance, special provision payment current state of affairs
    About report of 2019 children's allowance, special provision payment current state of affairs
    Children's allowance
    Child Rearing Allowance
    Single-parent support
    Application that there is no only widow (widower) subtraction to single-parent without the marriage career
    The mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund loan business
        Support to aiming at independence
        Degree authorization examination pass support project that is a graduate from single-parent family High School
        Business such as high vocational training promotion benefits such as families of mother and child
        In the families of mother and child, it is independence support educational training benefit
        Support to everyday life
        Single-parent home everyday life support project
    Child, Child Care support relations reference library
    Kitahiroshima City Child Care guide
We leave and learn
    Child-care facility
    Childcare charges of child-care facility
    About the use of child-care facility
    Type of child-care facility
    Extended childcare
    Introduction of child-care facility
    The use situation of child-care facility
    Entrance procedure for child-care facility
    Special support child childcare
    Temporary custody of nursery school
Let's go out to play
Child center
Local Child Care support center
Child Care support circle, meeting where there is no
Business trip type open space "open space DE mokutitaimu"
Of Nursery Center is open space quickly and healthily
    Outing spot
    Park with restroom

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