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[September 18 update] About activity in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Council (response to new coronavirus infectious disease)

[September 18 revision] About "local community activity guidelines" for activity on Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Council

 We made "area community activity guidelines" based on "new Hokkaido-style" to show basic way of thinking to plan coexistence of the prevention and area community activity of new model coronavirus infection spread while pushing forward practice of "new lifestyle" that country showed and approach of "new Hokkaido-style" while correspondence to new coronavirus continued, and to introduce approach example of activity to.
 In the correspondence to new coronavirus, please utilize as reference when a lot of all of the regional societies such as Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Council carries out activity.

About holding such as regular general meetings (process of general meeting example by document decisions)

 For the new coronavirus infection prevention, there is Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Council that it is considered to perform general meeting by document decisions not general meeting that members gathers and holds.
 It is case and that may not be set where method of proxy and written decision is established in terms, and, at first, in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Council, please confirm terms.
 In addition, please utilize as Neighborhood Association, residents' association where holding of general meeting by document decisions is examined refers to process and documents and shows and does.

About process of document decision (an example of process)

  1. We distribute "announcement of Neighborhood Association general meeting" (document decision) "bill book" "document decision book" to members.
  2. We have you submit "document decision book" from member.
  3. We add up document decision.
  4. We tell all the members about result (as a result of Neighborhood Association general meeting document decision) by circulation.

About documents affecting document decision

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