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[new coronavirus infectious disease] About approach of Kitahiroshima City

 About new coronavirus infectious disease measures of Kitahiroshima City, we decided to carry out various support such as money of closure cooperation or special Supplementary Income Payment as "urgent support" of step 1 in the special session (May 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2)) in the first in 2020.
 Then, we decided to carry out dispatch of school supporter to money of support and elementary and junior high school as "further urgent support" of step 2 in regular meeting (from 5 to 26 on June in 2020) in temporariness to small scale company in the second in 2020 and, also, decided to push forward approaches for setting of polymerase chain reaction test center as "prolongation measures of infectious disease" of step 3.
 We decided to carry out approaches such as issuance of premium gift certificate and tourist facility version premium ticket for activation of regional economy, sightseeing belonging to belonging to, rent support to people of SME, maintenance (promotion of GIGA school plan) of PC for child student as "approach for recovery" of step 4 in special session (July 21, 2020) in the second in 2020.
(about approach summary of step 1-4, please see the following.)
 About the future, we will work based on social conditions so that citizen's all of you can live in peace.

 Approach summary (231.4KB) of Kitahiroshima City affecting PDF new model coronavirus infectious disease
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