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[new coronavirus infectious disease] "New Hokkaido-style" reliable declaration (Kitahiroshima City Government Office)

In Kitahiroshima City Government Office, we perform approach of seven +1 from the viewpoint of extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease.
In all of you made the next agency, I would like cooperation for approach for prevention of infection spread.

We declare "new Hokkaido-style" relief

As for seven Kitahiroshima City Government Office, +1 custom works on becoming.

1 staff wears mask and performs brisk hand-washing.

2 staff records healthy check before attendance and own action.

3 government buildings carry out ventilation with air conditioner.

4 government buildings, facilities perform periodical disinfection, cleaning.

We perform approach to reduce contact opportunity with five people and person.
  • We install plastic partitions in reception desk, window.
  • We take interval between the waiting for seats widely.
  • We carry out staggered office hours, teleworking.
I would like preventive measures against infection to people from 6 next agencies.
  • A heat and cold with symptom, person in poor physical condition, please write down the use as much as possible.
  • I would like finger disinfection by hand-washing or alcohol.
  • I would like thorough cough etiquette including wearing of mask.
  • Please keep distance with other people as much as possible.
  • Please use elevator with conversation near at hand with a small number of people.
We make society resisting infectious disease in cooperation with 7 citizens.

We introduce notice of Hokkaido corona system and post QR code on place easy to find.

The Mayor of Kitahiroshima Masami Ueno
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