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Kitahiroshima City my ending notebook

We distribute Kitahiroshima City my ending notebook

With "Kitahiroshima City my ending notebook", we look back on the past life and do with opportunity by to write information about oneself and thought to the end period, and to push forward, think about about the way of the future life. For own last, does it not inflect to tell thought to families?
After the ending notebook making, you keep to place easy to find, and you tell storage area to family, and please do.
2,000 copies of ending notebooks are made.
Distribution is finished as soon as it disappears.

Eligible people 

Elderly people 65 years or older


Kitahiroshima City Government Office elderly person support section, each branch, each contact office, Kitahiroshima City Council of Social Welfare, each elderly person support center


Health Welfare Division
Elderly person, handicapped person consultation charge (extension number 2152)

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