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[acceptance was finished] About student support service delivery business to feel Kitahiro

The delivery situation (as of July 20, 2020 (Raiwa 2))

  • About student support service to feel Kitahiro, we ship application sequentially from Tuesday, July 7. We send out from normal temperature service earlier, but send out frozen flight sequentially after Tuesday, July 21.
  • We are going to complete normal temperature flight and shipment of freezing service about application which there was by the beginning of August by Sunday, July 26.


  • When there is period to be away by homecoming in person who has been already applied for or applied for after Monday, July 27, we hear to city hall, or, in the case of application, input during absence period, please.
  • When absence contact vote is mailed on delivery, I would like request of re-delivery immediately at post office.

About student support service delivery business to feel Kitahiro

We send product of hometown tax return favor product of Kitahiroshima City to university students living in the suburbs (except Ishikari jurisdiction) in Kitahiroshima City native place restraining itself from homecoming under the influence of new coronavirus. (application assumes one time of one limit.)

Student support service delivery business news flyer (157.3KB) to feel PDF Kitahiro

Student support service delivery business news flyer (the details list as follows) to feel Kitahiro

Eligible people

It applies to (university student, graduate student, short-term university student, technical school life, cram school student) such as students from 18 years old to meet all the following requirements to 25 years old.
  1. Person who lived in Motoichi
  2. Person that protector lives in the city at the time of application Day
  3. Person (for resident's card as the city) who lives in the suburbs (person living in Sapporo-shi, Ebetsu-shi, Chitose-shi, Eniwa-shi, Ishikari-shi, Tobetsu-cho, Shinshinotsu-mura is inapplicable and is limited to the country) except Ishikari jurisdiction refraining from homecoming to Motoichi

Sending thing (an example)

  • Yumepirika (3 kilos)
  • Jingisukan
  • Cake
  • Vegetable juice
(attention) Content may be changed.

About application methods

Application period

From Friday, June 5, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to Friday, July 31, 2020 (Raiwa 2)

Application method

We perform application in Electronic Applications. (even protector can apply)
Please apply from the following exclusive page.
Attachment of copy of student identification card is necessary for application by all means.

Acceptance was finished.

By SNS disseminate information

Information about support service sends even facebook (Facebook) and Instagram (Instagram).
Please see by all means every week as we introduce the contents of support service.
Cooperation, please for diffusion of information in SNS so that information reaches more target students.

Instagram (Instagram): Kitahiroshima-shi, Hokkaido

facebook (Facebook): Kitahiroshima City


  • Please note that products are not available.
  • After the application acceptance, we ship products sequentially after July. Products divide normal temperature product and frozen product into twice and are going to send out.
  • Please let cases that away period includes know by all means for a long term.
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