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About registration of staff of fiscal year appointment of 2020 (desk work assistant)

"Desk work assistant" of the appointment staff appoints from registrant in the fiscal year.
For supplement such as vacancies, it is recruiting registrants now.

The type of job

Staff of fiscal year appointment (desk work assistant)

Qualification requirements

Where PC (Excel, Word) is usable
There's no age restriction.

Business content

General desk work (supporting duties)

Adoption period

1 fiscal year until March 31, 2021 (Raiwa 3)
※About the appointment start date each offer occurrence to registrant contact.

Working hours

 It varies according to duty places in 17:45 from 8:45. 


Saturday, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays (it may vary according to duty places)
※Annual vacation is given by regulations of city


  • Monthly basis (decided according to working hours and the years of experience)
    (example) working hours of week in the case of 28 hours 45 minutes (part-time): 108,400 yen - 135,200 yen
    (example) working hours of week in the case of 38 hours 45 minutes (full-time): 146,100 yen - 187,200 yen
  • Medical treatment
    Commutation allowance or expense compensation (the amount of commuting costs equivalency), term-end allowance

Social insurance

We take out principle, health insurance, welfare annuity, unemployment insurance

Registration method

We access exclusive page from the following URL or two-dimensional bar code and input the requirements and register.


Two-dimensional bar code

※We do not perform acceptance at document and window.
※Division of staff of fiscal year appointment targeted for registration system is only desk work assistant.


Even if it is person registered with temporary worker list in the past, we will have you register application as staff of appointment newly in the fiscal year.
Registration acceptance of desk work assistant having you work from April, 2020 (Raiwa 2) has been already finished, but appoints from vacancies which had you register as needed. Please inquire for appointment plan to Personnel Section.


General Affairs Department Personnel Section
Telephone: 011-372-3311 (main)

〒061-1192 4-2-1, Chuo, Kitahiroshima-shi, Hokkaido
Telephone 011-372-3311 (main)
Open agency time: From 8:45 to 17:15 on weekdays