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To donate

When we are applied by the Internet

Apply from the following sites.
[oldness and choice]
We cover all hometown tax synthesis site oldness and information such as article, use of thanks of choice whole country 1,788 area!

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[oldness and palette]

[hometown tax of ANA]


When we are applied by method except the above

Please submit 1 "contribution application".

You choose item to hope for from application of the donation mentioned above and fill out "incidental condition on donating" column, and it is E-mail, or please submit contribution amount of money to city hall Planning Division by FAX or mail in address, full name, phone number and "contents of contribution" column to "contribution application".
Please download application from this.

We call from two cities.

After the reception desk of contribution application, we call for confirmation such as payment methods.

The receipt of money of 3 contribution, please.

In the case of payment notice payment

The receipt of money, please by payment notice mailing from city.
In the case of post office, designated financial institution, it does not cost transfer fee.

We send receipts of 4 contribution.

After the payment completion of donation, we will send receipt, one stop special provision system application of receipt of contribution.

Reference (destination of contribution application)


4-2-1, Chuo, Kitahiroshima-shi, Hokkaido
Kitahiroshima City Government Office plan Finance Department Planning Division


011-372-3311 (extension number 3602)




[email protected]

This donation is intended to have your oldness and thought to Kitahiroshima make form.
Please be careful about compulsion, frauds of donation that talked about "hometown tax" enough.

About hometown tax system including public announcement of use, donor of donation, please see page about "hometown tax".
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Plan Finance Department Planning Division
Telephone: 011-372-3311 (main)

〒061-1192 4-2-1, Chuo, Kitahiroshima-shi, Hokkaido
Telephone 011-372-3311 (main)
Open agency time: From 8:45 to 17:15 on weekdays