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  4. We established Kitahiroshima City staff adoption facebook page

We established Kitahiroshima City staff adoption facebook page

Kitahiroshima City staff adoption facebook page is this place

Kitahiroshima City staff adoption facebook

Kitahiroshima City staff adoption facebook page operation policy

About 1 administration

  1. facebook page name: Kitahiroshima City staff adoption page (called this page as follows)
  2. Operator: Kitahiroshima City General Affairs Department Personnel Section (called this section as follows)
  3. Contents: We deliver various information about staff employment examination.

2 disclaimers

  1. This section does not guarantee accuracy, integrity, usefulness of information that they placed in this page.
  2. This section does not take responsibility for all about the damage that user or third party put on under any circumstance by user uses publication information of this page or having trusted.
  3. This section does not take all responsibility about any damage that occurred to user or third party by trouble between between users or user and third parties.
  4. Other than the above, this section does not take any responsibility about any damage that occurred in matter in conjunction with this page.
  5. This section may cancel change of operational policy and review of modi operandi or operation without notice.

About 3 verboten

For this page, please refrain from the following acts. When act of user corresponds to any of the following, we may do deletion of contribution, block and deletion of account.

Oh, it is law, content to violate laws and ordinances or contents which we might violate
We slander individual, group of i identification and slander
It is aimed for cormorant political religious activity
Oh, we violate intellectual property of copyright, trademark, city including right of likeness or third party
It is aimed for o advertisement, advertising, invitation, business activity, other profit
We let you promote discrimination such as ka race, thought, creed or discrimination
Contents against manners and customs of order of the Lord of ki or goodness
We let you promote contents unlike ku falsehood and fact and simple rumor and rumor
Identification, disclosure leaks personal information without consent of the ke person and spoils privacy
Programs that ko is harmful to
Infelicity including expression that sa is obscene
Link to homepage including information that judged that this shi or other sections were inappropriate and these content

About reply to 4 contributions and comment

As a general rule, this section does not reply for contribution and comment for this page.

About access to 5 basics information

When user has you enroll in this page, we consider to have had you agree to this operational policy and consider to have consented to the name of user where user releases to, profile photograph, sex, network, user ID, access from this page to released account and profile information including friend list.

6 privacy policies

When this section acquires personal information from user, based on Kitahiroshima City ordinance of privacy protection, we will manage appropriately.

About 7 inquiries

We would like this section and opinion for Kitahiroshima City or inquiry on the telephone from Kitahiroshima City city official homepage to email or each section.

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