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Advertisement notice in L fin park

About L fin park pay Advertisement Offer

In Kitahiroshima City, we post paid advertisement for the purpose of securing of maintenance administrative expense of L fin park and activation of regional economy in L fin park.

You shall perform advertisement by intermediation of advertising agency, and advertising agency submits schedule such as advertisement notice place or notice method, design, and apply.


  1. Notice place of advertisement assumes trouble few place in traffic of walker at place that city appoints.
  2. Advertisement notice charges assume 8,500 yen (tax-included) per 1 square meter of one month.

We can download each style from the following

  1. PDF L fin park advertisement notice standard (312.5KB)
  2. The PDF L fin park advertisement notice handling point (170.1KB)
  3. DOC L fin park advertisement notice application (32.5KB)
  4. Ground plan (106.0KB) of notice place of PDF advertisement
L fin park whole view   State in L fin park
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