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About the handling of personal information

Personal information means information that authorized individuals such as address, full name, phone number, E-Mail address are distinguished or can be distinguished.

When we have inquiry or opinion in Web site of Kitahiroshima City, we ask for offer of personal information to reply.

In collection of personal information, we state the collection purpose clearly and perform the use of gleanings within the purpose. About collection of personal information, it should be offer (registration) of information by intention of user.

Across objective range, we use personal information in the inside of city and, as a general rule, do not perform what we provide outside the city. About personal information that we collected, we manage severely and take appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust diversion, manipulation.

About access log collection and the use

In Web site of Kitahiroshima City, we use Google Analytics for analysis of user and improvement of Web site.
We collect access log (page and information such as IP addresses that we accessed) using cookies (cookie) in Google Analytics.
Using these information, we may perform paper chases of tendency to improvement of Web site and use of Web site.

User of Web site of Kitahiroshima City consents about the above and shall use Web site.
In addition, there is method to refuse cookie by setting of browser of use, but, in that case, please note that a part function may not be available.
About the damage that user received by GoogleAnalytics, city shall not take responsibility.

Collected information is managed based on privacy policy of Google Corporation.
Please see the following about Terms of Use of Google Analytics and privacy policy of Google Corporation.

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