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Ball park plan
    About the discussion situation about promotion of ball park plan | [attention] About drone flight at ball park construction site | About removal of construction place PR signboard and making of two-pole banner | We post banner of new design | We held all Hokkaido ball park cooperation meetings | About the ball park area name, new baseball stadium name | About the business promotion situation for achievement of ball park plan | The examination situation of new station plan was announced from JR Hokkaido | Private city reproduction maintenance business plan (Hokkaido ball park (tentative name) construction plan) was authorized | About rental of display tool for Event | About conduct of fighters picture book donation project | We held Hokkaido ball park sphere cooperation study session | About the conclusion of inclusion cooperation agreement about local construction | We support ball park plan in hometown tax | We held talk for promotion of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters ball park plan | We posted construction decision two-pole banner, banner | About announcement of ball park construction and the agreement conclusion | About ball park plan that Kitahiroshima City works on | About official decision of new baseball stadium (ball park) construction of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters | About start of Kitahiroshima City ball park promotion resolution society | We work on ball park invitation that Kitahiroshima City performed | We concluded partner agreement with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters
    Ball park news
        Ball park news (2020) | Ball park news (2019) | Ball park news (2018)
Event information
    Let's walk F village construction place! with fighters footprint fund [the end of the offer] | Announcement of "ball park talk session" holding | We held civic briefing session that ball park plan promotion required | Ball park plan promotion symposium (announcement of held postponement) | We display fighters new baseball stadium image model | Fighters citizen support tour held news | "Let's play ball park!" (the planned site) [the end of the Event] | Symposium held "making of city to draw with ball park" [video exhibition] | We held civic briefing session that ball park plan required | Ball park construction decision briefing session [the end of the Event] | We made ball park message panel | Fighters citizen support tour held news (the end of the Event) | We held ball park plan citizen briefing session, discussion meeting | We held civic briefing session that ball park invitation required
    Kitahiroshima City X Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters cooperation business
        School class by fighters | Sports community in Kitahiroshima (sports leader class) (cancellation) | Sports community in Kitahiroshima | We held fighters orchid, talk show | We held fighters orchid public viewing | We held "sports community in Kitahiroshima"
The Institutions maintenance situation
    About stadium | About neighboring roads | About Water and Sewage | About response to new coronavirus infectious disease | About gas, electricity | About access road | About investigation, design
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