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"Let's play ball park!" (the planned site) [the end of the Event]

We had many people arrive on Saturday, July 27, 2019, and Event was finished safely!
State 1 of Event

State 2 of Event

State 3 of Event

State 4 of Event

State 5 of Event

State 6 of Event

State 7 of Event

State 8 of Event

All of you who had you arrive, everyone, who had you cooperate with holding, thank you very much!

Event for kids enjoying sports, outdoor, "factor of wakuwaku of ball park" including meal "let's play with ball park" (the planned site); hold o.
Because creation construction begins in this autumn in the construction planned site, in what can enter "ball park before maintenance", this Day is the last.
Come in families by all means!

On the date

Saturday, July 27, 2019 (Raiwa 1) from 10:00 to 12:30

Holding place

The ball park construction planned site <opposite Kitahiroshima City engineering works office (196-1, Kyoei, Kitahiroshima-shi)>

Venue map
※Please stop car to parking lot of engineering works office
※In the venue, it is cut grass by silver personnel center, cooperation of all of engineering works offices.



Extensive catch

With original glove of fighters, let's enjoy catch! (glove sets up thing for the youth by cooperation from Hokkaido baseball meeting, but please bring protector as much as possible)

Batting game corner

Soft and fluffy B ☆It is batting game corner using B gauge and real baseball board goods. We pile up scores, and let's get prize!
Image of BB gauge


Elation fountain corner

Once in 15 minutes, fountain corner by drainage of firefighter comes up. (we are wet through and are careful!)

The ball park planned site prospects

On ladder car, we will look at the ball park planned site from takai place. Surely all are surprised at the area!
Photograph of ladder car
The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Throb nature walk

In the planned site, we made walk road. Let's take a walk through course naturally on foot!


※Each "meal" program is limited in number. Please arrive early!

Sampling of cold vegetable soup

Let's drink chilled soup of broccoli and sweet corn which everybody of JA Central Hokkaido cooks! It is soup to make with very delicious vegetables produced in Kitahiroshima and the suburbs.

Potato all-you-can-stuff experience

We squeeze up in new jagao, bag from Central Hokkaido a lot, and let's make souvenir!

Drink, present of cake

Drink and cake are presented by Kitahiroshima business and industry society! We will go around each section while eating, and drinking, and doing!


  • We cut grass, but unevenness is in venue. You keep off thing with high sandals and heel, and come with shoes which got used to wearing.
  • We photograph state of the day and are going to use in PR of future ball park plan. Please consent about shooting and use of picture beforehand.
  • In the case of bad weather, we assume cancellation. On the day we will tell about holding in this page.
  • We present fighters original cap and ball park vision book to visitors. (primary schoolchild or younger, first arrival 300)
Image of cap and book



Plan Finance Department ball park promotion room ball park promotion section
Telephone: 011-372-3311 (main)
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