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Fighters citizen support tour held news (the end of the Event)

On September 22, 2018, we held support tour by 200 citizens.
We gave team a big cheer, and, as for the game, fighters won wonderfully!
Thank you, all of you who had you cooperate with holding!
Photograph 1 to support in the stands

Photograph 2 to support in the stands

Group photo at ground

As part of approach for mood breeding of ball park plan promotion, we hold fighters citizen support tour.
Let's give fighters a big cheer together!


The date

Saturday, September 22, 2018 (Heisei 30) vs.: Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagle


Sapporo Dome
※Meeting place is Kitahiroshima City art culture hall temporary parking lot.

Tour contents

Group support in C reserved seat


Support tour road map
Time Contents
11:00 Kitahiroshima City art culture hall temporary parking lot, departure
11:45 Arrival at Sapporo Dome
13:00 Play ball!
16:00 No side plan
16:30 From Sapporo Dome
17:15 Arrival at JR Kita-Hiroshima Station west exit, dissolution
※As we perform movement by pick-up bus, we cannot go to Sapporo Dome directly.
※We watch a game until fulltime regardless of time. You cannot be back on the way.


200 (in the case of a lot of applicants, we assume lottery)

Participation fee

1,000 yen (we include ticket, premium)
※On the day we have in reception desk.

Application method (application acceptance was finished)

  • In the case of postcard
You list full name, age, zip code, address, phone number, transportation to meeting place in postcard, and please send to the following application. We can apply to two people by one piece of postcard.
  • In the case of email form
Apply for the requirements after input in the following email forms. We can apply to two people.

 Email form [the end of the receptionist] for application
  • When there are plural applications in the same people regardless of postcard, email form, we validate only one.
  • Over telephone cannot apply.
  • PDF participation instructions (93.0KB)

The application deadline

As for the postcard, postmark on that day is effective on Monday, August 20
Email form inputs by Monday, August 20 and transmits

Result announcement

I send ticket exchange postcard only to elected person by Monday, September 3.
※Please note that you will not notify person who was not elected.


Kitahiroshima City plan Finance Department ball park promotion room ball park promotion section
It is addressed to the Kitahiroshima City ball park promotion resolution society secretariat
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Plan Finance Department
The Kitahiroshima City ball park promotion resolution society secretariat (city plan Finance Department ball park promotion section)
Telephone: 011-372-3311 (extension number 3632)
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