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We held "sports community in Kitahiroshima"

On Saturday, February 17, we held "sports community in Kitahiroshima" in city general gymnasium as Kitahiroshima City and cooperation business of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.

It is Event which compounded in sports classroom and medical clinic, food education course that we carried out as the first business by partner agreement that "sports community in Kitahiroshima" concluded with Kitahiroshima City in Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in this January.

Infant who was sports enthusiast in Kitahiroshima City and exercise classroom for the lower grades children, elbow examination for the purpose of keep-fit class and the sports dyskinesia prevention for the youth baseball players, food education course for protectors, coaching course for sports leaders were carried out each, and it was in place that learned knowledge that fighters had widely.

State of keep-fit class for lower grades

State of keep-fit class for upper grades

State of keep-fit class for junior high students

State of elbow examination

State of food education course

State of coaching course

State 1 of exercise classroom for kids

State 2 of exercise classroom for kids

State 3 of exercise classroom for kids

State 4 of exercise classroom for kids

Cooperation by Kitahiroshima 30km road race to be carried out in June, cooperation in the city elementary and junior high school class are planned in future.

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Partner agreement cooperation business first "holding in sports community in Kitahiroshima"


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