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We concluded partner agreement with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters shared vision and corporate philosophy of making of city to aim at with city in working-level talks accompanied with ball park plan of baseball team and repeated talks about the realization policies.
Regardless of new baseball stadium location, cooperation policy that we could work on even from the existing stage had common recognition that there was while we did it this way and crossed resources which both had and concluded partner agreement for the purpose of collaborating, and performing approach to develop together.

We share various knowledge that fighters have and will further push forward making of city which gives children carrying the next generation dream and hope in future.

Photograph that the mayor and President Takeda sign agreement

Photograph that the mayor and president shake hands having agreement

Main business in partner agreement and activity contents

  1. Business "sports community in Kitahiroshima City" which compounded in sports classroom and medical clinic, food education course
  2. Event business which linked "Kitahiroshima 30km road race"
  3. Activity in conjunction with great intending to tread the path of learning (career education) class in educational continuity from primary through early secondary levels
  4. Activity in conjunction with physical education class in elementary and junior high school
  5. Business and activity that it is admitted that we contribute to development of both others


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